Post 32

Ok, this is the last post of 2009. I swear. One of the pleasures of living so close to old Sacramento and Raley field is the fireworks!!! Now during the summer months there is a huge display for the 4th of July, and when the RiverCats are in season (that sounds strange huh) well the RiverCats often have big fireworks displays. But during the summer the trees have all their leaves and we can't see them at all unless we walk down the street. This time of year, no leaves, BIG New Years Eve celebration in Old Sac, and Big spectacular fireworks at both 9:00pm and Midnight!! The first round tonight was great! Can clearly see them from my front porch! Yahoo!!! Until next time... Tj.

Post 31

The last post of 2009!

One of the businesses down town, corner of 19th and L I think, has the funniest Christmas light display I think I've ever seen. If I only had a camera I would have taken a picture to share. But, I don't so you will just have to use your imagination! 8 pigs, pulling a BBQ sleigh on the roof top of the building! The pigs look much like this pig light, they are all in a line with the lead pig headed up like it's taking off to fly away. They are pulling a red Weber BBQ. So funny! Not sure what the business is, but what a hoot!

Have a very Happy New Year!!! Until next time… Tj.

Post 30

Things have been pretty quiet around here. The construction behind us has come to a grinding halt. In fact they came and removed the windows that had been installed. What does that mean?? I don't know, but my brother who works in construction, said he thinks someone was not getting paid. So now we have these half built shells of buildings that block our once nice view to the park. Ug.

It was quite foggy this morning not so unusual for Sacramento this time of the year. Makes everything look surreal! I do not have a camera yet, but here is a photo I found and what the park looked like this morning. Not Southside park, but you get the idea. The new year and new decade is almost upon us. Be safe, be well! Until next time… Tj.

Post 29

When we arrived home yesterday evening, it was just about dusk. The crows were lining the tree tops making so much noise! As we walked up to our house, some neighbors were walking by with their 3 dogs, of course that made our dogs go into crazy mode, let the barking begin... which I think spooked the crows! They took off all at once, hundreds of them swooped up in a big swirl of squawking... around the top of the trees in a circle, then back to where they had been perched. It was quite an exciting few seconds! I just love to watch the crows this time of year, they migrate through every evening. Not sure where they are coming from except south, and not sure where they go except north. Hundreds of them, it is a sight to behold! Until next time... (and since this is Christmas week, I may be a little longer than usual, we will see!) Tj

Post 28

Today, my gardener was here, the dogs were dying to get out. I thought he was done so I looked out the window to see he was pulling away from the gate out in the alley. As he pulled out I noticed feet walking in the alley, there, a man probably walking to the mosque, modestly dressed in what looks like cotton, very pale in color, long shirt and baggy pants. A small hat. I am not sure what this dress is called, I am sure it has a name. It is what most men wear that we see going to mosque. Bearded man. Part of the color and enjoyment of what makes Southside park wonderfully unique! Until then... Tj.

Post 27

I drove past Capitol Avenue last night and caught a glimpse of the beautiful Christmas tree at the Capitol. This isn't considered our neighborhood, but it is only 13 blocks from my home so it is close! The are using the LED energy saving lights on the tree, which includes the beautiful blue lights that I love! (I have yet to find those blue lights in a store, but keep looking!) Here is a photo I found on the Capitol Architect website. It is very beautiful isn't it!! The contrast of the white Capitol building against the dark blue sky, and the beautiful blue and colored lights on the tree. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!! Until next time… Tj

Post 26

A mysterious mist was hanging in the park last night when I went to Safeway. Hanging there, low to the ground. It wasn't fog like at all, more like a fog machine someone had turned on. Rolling off the pond. Was quite beautiful, and made the park seem like a surreal oil painting. All was quiet! Give the gift of time for the holidays. Share yourself with your family. Until next time… Tj.

Post 25


It is that time of year right? This weekend in our neighborhood was no exception. Our Lady of Guadalupe Roman Catholic Church across from the park on T street was celebrating Our Lady of Guadalupe Feast Day. Although it was raining... hard, that didn't seem to stop the celebration. Church goers lining the street, vendors, and floats on flat bed trucks! The church has a beautiful mural of Our Lady of Guadalupe on the front, this photo I took a few weeks ago, before my camera was stolen. She is just beautiful! Our Lady of Guadalupe is a celebrated Catholic icon of the Virgin Mary, also know as the Virgin of Guadalupe. This mural is quite large, maybe 20-25 feet! I just love to drive by the church and see her looking down as if to bless all passers by.

In our home we were having our own celebration. It is Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights! We light the minorah celebrate the miracle of oil. May you all be blessed with family and friends to share your own celebrations! Until next time… Tj.

Post 24

Today is Second Saturday. It's a big day in Sacramento! We have a rich full Artist community and on the second Saturday of every month it is celebrated and shared! Right here in our neighborhood are 2 galleries, S12 on the corner of S and 12th and also Appel Gallery at 9th and T. Of course within just a few miles there are dozens, maybe hundreds of galleries. Second Saturday is a really big deal! To me and my family as well. I am an artist, tonight I'm showing at VOX Sacramento which is about a mile and a half from here, I also have some small works at the Marco Fuoco Gallery. My husband is a musician and often plays at a Second Saturday venue, he is playing tonight but not at a Second Saturday event. So, if you live in Sacramento go out and enjoy the rich artistic ways Sacramento has to offer! Wonderful Art, Awesome live music, food, beverages and this year the Ice Skating Rink is right in the middle of it all! Here is a link to the Art Walk map! (wow there are a lot of links in this post!) Until next time! Tj.

Post 23

It's wet! That is what is going on today. Oh sure there is probably something happening, I'll be heading out in a bit so I will see, but from my window right now nothing but rain! Yes! We need it. Until then... Tj.

Post 22

Last night the church bells were ringing. I am pretty sure the bells are from the Downtown Baptist Church. One of these days I'll get over to that side of the park when the bells are ringing to be sure. There are 2 churches side by side, so I am not 100% certain which church it comes from but, the Baptist church appears to have a bell tower, so I assume the bells come from there, but I could be wrong! Anyway, the bells are beautiful. I just love hearing them off in the distance, and last night they were playing songs, not just chiming on the hour. I think there may have been a Wednesday night service. Beautiful bells playing peacefully floating through the air. Love it! Here is a photo I found on line of the church, you can't see the bell tower it is behind the trees on the right. Hopefully I will get a camera soon and will be back to posting more photos! Until next time… Tj.

Post 21

It's COLD!!! But that didn't stop a group of joggers tonight. I don't know if it was a class, a track team from a local high school, maybe one of the soccer teams that play over at Oneil park. But there they were, jogging around the corner of the park, shorts, t-shirts. First 2, then another 2, then I could see 4 coming up W. I look at my car thermometer, it's 41 degrees! Are they crazy??!!?? Well... maybe but one thing is certain, they are dedicated! Burrrrrrrr!!! Until next time... Tj.

Post 20

Another wildlife story. I was driving up T street last night about 5:45, and crossing the street at about 8th and T was the biggest fattest furriest opossum I've seen! I was surprised, that was pretty early to see a nocturnal creature wondering about. At least I've only seen them at night. The first time I spotted one, it was late evening, we let the dogs out for their final "go", and all of a sudden they were barking and carrying on. We went out to see what was going on and there on the top of the fence was an opossum. It was frozen in place... playing possum. The dogs were going nuts! My husband went down and took the broom, was trying to knock it off the fence to the other side make it run away, but it just held on. He banged it a couple of times, it just clutched the fence, drooling and foaming at the mouth. We thought it was sick but when we looked it up that is all part of them playing possum! Ugly giant rat looking creatures. Here is a photo I found on line, they give me the creeps. The one last night was huge and had lots of long fur, looked much like this one. I guess this cold weather made it go hunting earlier than usual! Ok, until next time… Tj.

Post 19

Today it's all about the crows... or maybe they are Ravens. I'm not sure. But every year around this time of year they migrate through our streets. Lining the treetops and telephone lines at dusk. It's almost like a scene from that great old Alfred Hitchcock movie The Birds!! I love to watch them, they are really quite entertaining. They love the nuts on our neighbors pecan tree. I know I have an old photo of them from a prior year, but of course I can't find it. I think I am going to borrow a camera. Maybe I'll get a picture of them and share next time! Until then... Tj.

Post 18

So, instead of the titles of the posts being days, I decided to change it to posts. I am going to try to post daily, but as I'm finding, some days it just doesn't happen... like yesterday! Ooopss!!! I think this new naming convention will relieve some of the self induced pressure to get them out there, or more, the self induced guilt if I miss a day. So, this is Post 18 instead of day 18.

My car window was fixed yesterday. Yes! But what it did was make me take a look at one of the only down sides of living downtown that I can think of. That is parking. Most of the homes do not have garages, or like my home that was build in 1920, has a garage but it was built for a model T. Not really large enough for most cars today. Although, I do drive a small economical car, still not sure I could park in there. We do have a one car driveway, but we are a 3 car family. The night with my broken window with only a plastic bag taped over the opening I was a little nervous. I parked in the driveway, but it was still vulnerable. Of course it was fine. Some homes like ours, have lots that go all the way to the alley. Some have had garages built. We did have a 2 car parking pad installed on the alley, but because our gate/fence is not very functional, we have yet to utilize it. After the first of the year we are going to correct the fence/gate problem, then we will have places for 3 cars to park without being on the street. That will be a relief! There have been more homes refurbished on our street in recent months, homes that had been empty for years. The street looks much more inviting with the fresh new updates, and it is good to have new neighbors, but it also is more cars fighting for street parking. The new construction in empty lots are all adding garages, or so it seems. Might be a mandatory construction rule, I do not know. But it's good they have their own parking built in.

So there you have it, one of the down sides. But really, that does NOT outweigh the good! Ok, until next time... Tj.

Day 17

Well, I had plans to post a picture of the pick up basketball game that takes place almost nightly in the park. It is always fun to see them playing with the bright light shining down and this time of year with the little bit of fog, well it would make for a great photo and they are usually there, even in the cold. But, I went to my water aerobics class tonight, took my camera with me so I could catch them on my way home. Arggggg.... while I was in class someone broke the window of my car and took my camera. AHHHHHH!!!! Now I have no camera and a broken window. The staff at the Y said this was the 3rd time this week a car has been broken into! Why didn't they warn us then? That is what I'd like to know. Well, I was just saying last week that I'd hope that Santa would bring me a new camera because I've had this one for about 8 years and it isn't taking the best photos any longer. Be careful what you wish for huh! Enough about me... shake it off...

Ok, if you are a sports kind of person this is a great place to live. There is a walking/jogging track around the park, it is almost a one mile track and has fitness stations on all 4 sides of the park. There is a lighted basketball court and 2 tennis courts, usually in use. Seems like there is a pick up game every night, rain, fog, clear, cold, doesn't seem to matter. There is also the swimming pool, of course this time of year it is closed, and way to cold to use, it is an outdoor pool! Just a block south of Southside park sits Oneil park where there is almost always a soccer game or baseball game happening. Here is a pic of Oneil park last night, one of the last few photos from my old camera... Bright lights, big game! Ok, be well. Tj.

Day 16

It's all about fallen leaves. Piles of them! We had a big wind storm earlier in the week, the neighborhood will get a pick up very soon but for now? Piles! I just want to jump in!! Until tomorrow. Tj.

Day 15

Last night, around 6:00, down at the park, in the street lights I could see people moving together all in time, as if one. I think there were people doing Tai Chi. Wonderful to watch, all flowing, moving as one. That is something I've always wanted to do, seems very calming and spiritual. Maybe one of these days! No photo today, just the image of the gracefulness of Tai Chi. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, just be... you can see them can't you? Until tomorrow... Tj.

Post 103

In the middle of the City of Sacramento, we have so many critters!  The night varmints are not on my good list.  My dogs have been skunked ...