Post 78

Last night I was letting my dog out for his last "outside time" of the night, and I have been looking around before I let him out so there aren't any surprises or animals to chase... and sure enough. My cat had not eaten all of his food from the morning, and there was a baby possum up on the table eating the left overs! He was actually kind of cute... yes I said that, a possum was cute. He was about the size of a rat. It took me a while to chase him off, but he finally left. I dumped the cat food. I am sure that my cat had not eaten because he's eating the food the crazy cat lady leaves out. She is a whole different story. We have a lady that comes around and leaves food out for the feral cats whose population has grown in the last year or so... I'm sure because she is feeding them. More on that later.... until next time. Tj.

Post 77

Last evening I was discussing all the different critters we have in our neighborhood with a friend who lives in Folsom. She was quite surprised the variety since I live down town. You wouldn't think we would have a vast wildlife in the middle of the city. But we do! I told her that I hadn't seen a skunk or raccoon in a while. Well I spoke too soon! I didn't see the skunk last night but the scent waffling in my window was pretty obvious, there was a skunk out there and pretty close too my eyes were burning! Good thing the dogs were in the house. Then when I went to bed I heard rustling around in the back yard. And there out my window was a baby raccoon up in the tree. I went to get my camera but I couldn't see him by the time I got back, I could still hear him in the tree but couldn't see. He looked very much like this photo. Funny enough neither the skunks or raccoons bother me, in fact I think they are kind of cute. Not like the possum…. They just creep me out! Until next time… Tj.

Post 76

Today is the annual Yarmarka Festival! It is a traditional Russian festival celebrating Russian-Ukrainian American culture. This year is the 12th annual and it is expected to attract 10-15 thousand people throughout the day. A very popular event of the year for the Russian speaking community. This is an annual festival for the park, and it's always a big party! Most of the festivals end mid to late afternoon, but this one goes till dark! Party on!! Until next time... Tj.

Post 75

There is a festival at the park today! I can hear music, probably a sound check. Looks like a ticket booth and rides of some kind. I am going to wonder down and see what's up!

Post 74

I am really not keeping up with this blog. For anyone who reads it I so apologize!! There was a Summer Youth Fair in the park last weekend, it looked like it was well attended, it was on Saturday and I was busy with Second Saturday so I didn't get a chance to go down. It is the beginning of festival season in the park and I am looking forward to it!

We have had some visitors the last week, I shot this photo on our back porch. Gives me chills just looking at it... possums! They are really creepy, at least I think they are. Like big giant rats! Anyway, this was the first to visit us. I saw another 2 nights later and then last night there were 2 in our yard. They were hissing and growling at each other. Of all the critters we have in our neighborhood these I could do without. This one is all ratty and torn up too... ick!

Until next time, be well. Tj.

Post 73

Second Saturday is tomorrow... go out and help support local arts! The Sacramento Bee is almost in the SouthSide Park neighborhood and hey are having a great art show this month! Come out and learn how you can help save the honey bees and see some great art! Until next time... Tj.

Post 103

In the middle of the City of Sacramento, we have so many critters!  The night varmints are not on my good list.  My dogs have been skunked ...