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Tomorrow, Thursday April 29th is the 4th annual Pay It Forward Day. The idea is to do one to three good deeds for others without asking for anything in return. What a better place the world would be if we all practiced this daily. They have free downloadable pay it forward cards that explain the pay it forward concept, and to give out when you do pay it forward! So come on... lets change the world one random kind act at a time!!! For more information go to their website

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Raining today, but in the park on my way to work I saw a big tent going up! I found out that there was going to be a march for CA's future. Marchers gathered for the last leg of this march at Southside park at 2 and marched to the capitol for a rally on the west steps at 4. This march began on March 6th in Bakersfield! Marching to fight for the California Dream! For more info go to

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The Goldfinches are back! Just love them, and this time of year they are so yellow! On the feeder this morning. :)

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Friday it was a little breezy but gorgeous out. Yesterday was overcast, looked like rain, and a little cold. Today it's windy and now raining... and there is a festival today in the park. I don't know what festival, but there are tents set up, vendors preparing, I hear music now. There are quite a few people arriving, some just finding shelter under the trees. I'm sure the weather is going to interfere with attendance. I feel bad for the organizers! Weather is so hard to predict this time of year! Until next time.. Tj.

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Many of our neighbors knew our Chester so I wanted to share. We had to make a really tough decision today. He has been going down hill. The vet told us about a month ago that he had a urinary tract infection, the cause of it could be from many things including liver failure. We put him on antibiotics and he seemed better for a while, but the last few days he had been turning up his nose at food even the good stuff, and he has been losing weight, and his legs and snout were swollen. At times he almost couldn't make it up our steps to come in. Our main living is on the second floor, a lot of steps for an old sick boy. Went back to the vet today and he confirmed Chester has liver failure. What a tough terrible decision it is to make. We don't want him to suffer, and he has been. We will miss you terribly Bubba and love you always. RIP Chester Field Lev 1998-2010, our wonderful dog with a great big loving heart.

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I didn't make it down to the park for the egg hunt last weekend, but we did very much enjoy the sounds of happy kids walking by, they were so excited! I snapped a couple of photos from my front porch, looked like fun! Good thing the event was on Saturday because Sunday, well late Sunday afternoon it started pouring! What a storm that was! Below is a photo of the rain! Until next time... Tj.

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Spring Egg Hunt in Southside park, 6th and U streets, Sacramento, Saturday April 3rd, starts around 11am. There is a planned appearance by the Easter Bunny, giveaways for children and adults, arts & crafts and lots of fun for the family. It is a FREE event but bring your own basket to collect those eggs!

Until next time... Tj.

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In the middle of the City of Sacramento, we have so many critters!  The night varmints are not on my good list.  My dogs have been skunked ...