Post 79

We have a hawk living in the treetops. I thought it was a red tail hawk, but doing some research and listening to their call I think it is actually a red shouldered hawk. I haven't caught it with my camera yet, hopefully soon.

Red shouldered hawk: A loud, screaming "kee yar" dropping in pitch, typically uttered 2-4 times. Red-shouldered hawks are quite vocal (blue jays frequently mimic their call), especially during spring courtship.

Red tail hawk: Often described as a scream, resembles a long, wheezy "kkeeeeer." Used on television, regularly dubbed over as the sound of an eagle or vulture.

What bird website you can listen to the different voices. Here is a photo of a Red Shouldered Hawk from Wikipedia.

Beautiful bird, I love hearing it call... Kee yar kee yar kee yar kee yar... be well... Tj.

Post 101 A new start...

I'm going to try this again.  I love this neighborhood.  I'm walking my dog every day now so I'm going to start posting again!  ...