Post 100!

Happy 2015!  Fireworks seen from Old Sac. 

Post 99

There is another wonderful blog about Southside park, and my neighbor is actually updating it!

Post 98

Sacramento Pride Festival comes to our neighborhood tomorrow! Parade starts at 5th and S. Festival on Capitol Mall. I just hope it doesn't get too much rain!

Post 97

One of those magical moments in the neighborhood... the morning clouds opened, the sun came out, the birds began to sing, and in a moment the church bells started to ring... yes! Be well... Tj.

Post 96

You gotta love youth... the courage or maybe it is just the opposite. There are some kids that live down on the corner. Now, I call them kids, they are probably my children's age or around that. So, in their mid to late 20's. They brought home a truck load of snow today, covered their stairs with it, and I think were snowboarding down the stairs... too funny! I just hope they don't break their necks!! Be safe guys!!! Tj.

Post 95

Wow! Quite a storm... the wind was gusting up to 50-60 MPH? I thought for sure one of the big trees on our street would be blown over... but we awoke this morning and they are all standing! At least on our street. I hope the rest of the neighborhood was as lucky! Be well... stay dry and warm. Tj.

Post 94

Watching all that is going on in Japan, makes me think about our little neighborhood. How much I enjoy it here, and how terrible it must be to lose it. My heart and thoughts are with Japan. May peace find its way to you.