Post 46

Our neighborhood sits in the South West corner of downtown Sacramento. Right where Interstate 5 and Highway 99 intersect, both major freeways. My home is just 2 blocks from 99, and 4 blocks from 5 and yes we can hear the traffic noise. Well most of the time we don't even notice, but at night when all is quiet we do. I guess to many that would be a down side of living here, but just shortly after moving in, my hubby and I decided that we would just pretend it is the ocean! Last night while falling asleep I was warm, so I cracked my window just a little… the freeway noise came rushing in. But as I drifted off I could see the ocean waves crashing onto the shore! Ah… so relaxing… Until next time… Tj.

Post 45

Let the sun shine.... let the sun shine in.... the sun, shine in! Woo hoo!!

Post 44

Damp and wet. That is what it's been for the past week. The sun did come out on Saturday for a bit and it was a welcome sight! Yesterday it was overcast and misty, but that didn't stop people from spending time in our park. When I drove by in the afternoon, I spied 3 boys riding their bicycles, a dad and son getting in some batting practice and a young family going for a walk. They had the cutest little girl with a little pink coat on! Well, they were over by the pond and I was driving by in my car so really I couldn't see the little girl, but the bright pink coat spoke cute very loudly!

I finally picked up my new camera and am very happy with it, just have to learn how to use it now. Photos to come! Until next time… Tj.

Post 43

The construction behind us has begun again. This photo was taken the end of November, but it still looks pretty much the same. I am not sure what happened, the windows were installed, then a week or so later were removed. My brother said maybe someone didn't pay. There they sat like 2 big hollow wooden blobs all through the holidays. No action. But now the windows have been re-installed and there is action again. There has been tar paper laid for the base of the roof and I'm not sure what else we can't see, just hear the hammering! So far they have not started too early, thank goodness! But they did work late into the evening tonight. I could still hear them about 8:30. They must be trying to catch up! Until next time... Tj.

Post 42

Monday morning in the rain I noticed there were several goldfinches hanging on to the very bottom of our sock feeders pulling out the last of the seed. The sun came out so I filled the feeder. This morning I look and see the seed is about half gone again. But it's been stormy!!! A few minutes later I look out and the feeder is covered with birds and there are a couple dozen more on the ground, enduring the wind and the rain! Wind gusts were up to 45mph at that time, the feeder was flapping in the wind and yet they hang on! I guess there isn't much food this time of year for them. If you don't know what they are, lovely little birds, here is a photo of the gold finch on our sock feeders a couple of months ago. Greenish yellow in the winter and bright beautiful yellow in the spring and summer. I am getting a camera this week so I'll be posting more current photos soon… yeah! I am looking forward to having a camera again. Really much of what I wanted to do with this blog is post photos of the neighborhood, looking forward to sharing the beauty of Southside Park! Until next time… Tj.

Post 41

Chinese food! I was craving some good sweet and sour yesterday for lunch. Thought I might go to Cheung Hing Co. but unfortunately they were closed, however it is my good fortune to live in this neighborhood! We have choices here. I decided to go to Hong Kong Cafe. 501 Broadway. Not technically Southside Park, but it is only 4 blocks from my house so... Good food, nice family run business. Their dining room is like stepping back in time. It is reminiscent of an old diner, big U shaped counter, wagon wheel light fixture. They even still use an old, antique push button cash register. I recommend a visit soon! Until next time... Tj.

Post 40

Not exactly Southside Park, but close. Last night, I arrive home from work, my husband suggests we go out to dinner to one of our favorite hamburger places. Hamburger Patties. It is a bar/restaurant in midtown Sacramento, the corner of 17th and J streets, they have great burgers and friendly staff. The building was once home to Sams Hofbrau, a place my hubby and I knew very well, he used to play there several times a week so it is very familiar to us. Anyway, we go to dinner and we arrive and their parking lot is really full! The attendant tells us it's Drag Queen bingo night! What? I had heard from a friend about Drag Queen Bingo! Hamburger Patties like many midtown business is gay friendly so it didn't surprise me that was the location. AND I won!!! BINGO!!!!!!! The winners have to walk/run through the restaurant while wearing a wig and crown, and all the other players pelt you with their balled up bingo cards! No worries, the cards are just paper. What a fun thing to happen into! And yet more evidence of the cultural diversity that is this place where I live! Love it! Until next time… Tj.

Post 39

Last evening, in the cold, under the freeway because it was raining, about a dozen people running back and forth. Training I'm sure, probably some team, maybe soccer practice. The field across the street at Oneil park was dark and probably pretty wet, it had been raining most of the day. Under the freeway, an empty parking lot covered by the freeway! Makes perfect sense to me!

Until next time... Tj.

Post 38

Down the street on 3rd between T and U there is a place you can go to work your butt off! Literally. Midtown Strength and Conditioning. Not a fancy gym, no high tech machines but it looks like quite a workout! I often see people walking (well, walking? Not the right word) down the street pulling huge tires attached to these belts around their waist. Great big tractor tires it looks like! Want a work out, go check them out! One of the many options in Southside Park!!! Until then… Tj.

Post 37

Hungry for some great Mexican food? Just a quick walk from our home is Vallejo's Restaurant. 1900 4th Street. Great food and atmosphere. They often have a Mariachi band on Sunday afternoons. Friendly staff too! Another of Southside Parks multi cultural experiences just waiting for you! Until next time... Tj.

Post 36

I learned yesterday that an institution in the neighborhood is closing its doors. Wishing Well, a party and craft supply store on the corner of 9th and S. They have been open for over 50 years! I have many memories of visiting as a child. Purchased many items over the years for holidays, birthday parties, heck I think I even bought some of my wedding supplies there. The last couple of times I was there, the shelves seemed kind of light. Now I know why! Sad. Well it was good to have you for all these years. Now, I wonder what will become of the building, it is a great space. Hum...

Well until next time... Tj.

Post 35

Just a block down and around the corner from Beer Books is a great little Asian market called Cheung Hing Co. It is on 11th street between T and U. It appears a little funky at first glance, you step through their door and walk into a small slice of another world! Narrow isles filled with dried foods, pre packaged things, tea pots and cups, clothing, fresh fruits, veges and other items. Shoot you name it you can probably get it there. Of course, I can't read any of the labels and really I have no idea what some of it is! I mean what is that?

They have a hot food counter in the back with takeout available. And YUM! Lots of old style Chinese entrĂ©es to choose from and also Chinese pastries, BBQ pork, Dim Sum. I LOVE their fried rice and sweet and sour pork. You can also get roasted Hong Kong Style whole duck! I admit, it was kind of a shock to me the first time I walked in and saw the duck hanging there by their necks in the roaster. Or the first time I witnessed a cook take one down, over to the big chopping block and WHACK! Chopped it up and into a box for a customer. Yes it is quite a cultural experience for sure and I highly recommend it! Until next time… Tj.

Post 34

One of the wonderful things about living the urban life is things are so close! You can walk and get anything you need... well just about anything. We have a favorite used book store just a few blocks away. Beers Books! On S street between 9th and 10th! Love the mural on the side of their building too!! Until next time... Tj.

Post 33

Happy New Year!!!

Well the fireworks at midnight were even more spectacular than the earlier ones! The whole neighborhood seemed to be out watching them too, and banging pots and pans and making noise! Welcome 2010!!! The next block over I could hear a big party going on, hootin and hollerin!! Woo Hoo!!! New Years Day, all was quiet. Hardly a person on the street. I guess everyone is sleeping off the New Year hangover?? :) Today I awoke to the church bells ringing, and a mist hanging in the air. So peaceful! 2010 looks bright and shiney! Until next time... Tj.

Post 103

In the middle of the City of Sacramento, we have so many critters!  The night varmints are not on my good list.  My dogs have been skunked ...