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Ok, I've been sick. The flu found me, knocked me down hard! I've not left my house in days so I missed the snow yesterday. I thought I'd have enough energy to get up and at least snap a few photos but I never did. So, if anyone wants to share about the snow day... or anything else please let me know! Be well... I hope to soon! Tj.

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Snow man in Southside park? Well anything is possible!! This Saturday, February 27th, bring the kids!

Snow day at Southside Park from 11-4 pm featuring: Snow Caves ● Toboggan Rides● Face Painting● Games● Food● Community Resources● Child Safety finger printing. Sponsored by Council Member Lauren Hammond & the 2010 Complete Count Committee, City of Sacramento. For more information, call Helen Hewitt at 916-808-7234.

This was a little photoshop fun! I will try to get some actual photos of the event and post this weekend! Until next time... Tj.

Post 56

Church bells are ringing! Our neighborhood has a variety of places of worship. You can find many different views, traditions and customs. Here are a few photos of just a couple of them. Be well... Tj.

Post 55

Contributed by: Joe Lev

If you go out my back door, you can sit on the second floor deck and look out at our yard. To the left you got a butterfly bush, then creipe myrtle, some roses and a maple tree we planted 10 years ago that is now close to forty feet tall. In front of it on a small lawn are bird feeders, two finch socks and 2 regular seed feeders. Typical morning you get a dozen various finches and sparrows, 6 or so doves, a junco or two, and other visitors.

Hanging from the beam are hummingbird feeders and we watch them feed in front of our faces. They are cranky little things and don't like sharing.

Oh yeah down to the left is a brugmansia with peach to rust colored flowers in profusion. In the middle of the lawn an arbor , covered with Grateful Dead roses (the bush was here when we moved in),leads to the pond with a couple of elusive bullfrogs. Back of the pond we got another white brug, a nectarine tree, crepe myrtle, acacia maidenii and a parking pad made from pavers and another lawn.

To the right we got some kind of pine and another brug covered with yellow flowers under what was our xmas tree 10 years ago and now is a towering redwood with an ever thickening trunk. The trees are home to a bunch of squirrels, jumping from tree to tree to telephone line to roof to the attic of the apartments behind us to the right.

Some nights we get visits from skunks, possums, and racoon families.

There is an alley behind the yard and we can watch the world walk by. First it's an old muslim guy in traditional dress walking his grandkid (or kid?) to the park. A chinese family may be next or hispanics headed to the big church. Loud Mexican oompa music plays from the apartments, church bells ring and from the park a block away someone is doing a soundcheck for a festival on the big bandstand. Our 3 dogs bark at some kids running down the street in front and we yell at them to shut up. Someone fires up a chain saw or jackhammer.
Some kids drive by bumping the rap and rattling windows.

This 'hood was once the redlight district then went downhill from there, when we moved in this place had been abandond for years, the yard a pile of rubble and weeds. It was a squat for junkies, and we found 35 hypos in the yard.

A typical day down here on the ground, I love it here!!!!! It's the opitome of diversity and that kind of selects out people that are uptight about stuff. If you don't like blacks,muslims, asians, hispanics, gays, hippies, pretty much anyone, you wouldn't dream of living here. But all these groups live in harmony under the 100 year old trees.

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I found another nest in a tree down by the park. This is a much larger nest, maybe a Crow or a Scrub Jay? Or maybe it's a squirrel? I don't think it is high enough to be a Hawks nest, they nest way up in the tallest trees and in buildings. I think I"ll have to walk down and keep an eye on this one too!

Have something to share? Let me know! Read post 53 for more info. Be well... Tj.

Post 53

I am hoping to expand this blog. Southside park is such a great neighborhood. Lots of interesting people from many different cultures and points of view. I would love to get slice of life type stories to post from other Southside neighbors. If you have an interesting experience and you would like to share, please email to me at and please put blog submission in the subject line so I can identify those quickly. If you give me your name and I post your experience, I'll include your name. Or, it's ok if you don't want your name here too! So, bring it on! What great things have you seen, heard, smelled, experienced here? Let me know and I'll get it posted! (disclaimer: I reserve the right to not post, this is my blog after all. Keep it positive and it's all good!) Until then... Tj.

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Spring is in the air... seems a little early but, maybe not. There is a nest in the tree in front of our house, have not seen anyone move in yet but it is there waiting! Maybe I'll be able to catch them soon, I hope! Until next time... Tj

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Out for a walk I found this statue in one of my neighbors front yards. I just thought her face has such a kind expression on it. Beautiful sunny day in the neighborhood!

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My hubby and I arrived home last night around 8:30, after the YMCA, and as we pulled up to our house, out the corner of my eye I saw something moving looked like a cat at first but then I saw no…. not a cat. It was a possum! Just walking down the sidewalk in front of our house. It ran and hid under my daughters car where it proceeded to play possum! Until next time...

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Took my new camera out for a spin last week. It was a beautiful day! Ducks and seagulls and volleyball, ... oh my! All part of the action in Southside Park! Tj.

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We have almost any type of church you could want to find in the Southside Park neighborhood. Just around the corner is a very small church that is almost never used. Once or twice a year we have seen people there cleaning off the roof of the building, and we hear the church bell ring. But it is a tiny space and I don't think used very often. I am really not sure what kind of church this is, en Espanol. It has the cutest little bell tower, and beautiful tile mural of Nossa Senhora De Fatima. Oh and beautiful dark pink camellias! Until next time... Tj.

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Our neighborhood has a wonderful community garden which was started a few years ago. It sits on 5th street at the corner of W. Wonderful magical garden cared for with love. This is the new garden gate, added last year. What an enchanting entrance to a delightful place!

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In the middle of the City of Sacramento, we have so many critters!  The night varmints are not on my good list.  My dogs have been skunked ...