Post 65

It's spring and even the wildlife are pairing up! I took this in my backyard, a morning dove couple. We have many bird species pass through and some that stay around, like the morning doves! It was a beautiful day today. The park was alive with people, passing time and celebrating! I hope you enjoy... be well! Tj.

Post 64

The beauty and diversity of Southside Park! The Aztec Celebration of Tlacaxipehualiztli (The Flaying of Man), a springtime festival in honor of Xipe Totec. Xipe Totec, the god of Spring and new vegetation. Beautiful head dresses, powerful drumming, inspiring dance... Wonderful! And spring is here! At the pond while the drums were pulsing and the conch shell singing a Great Blue heron came in for a landing at the pond! What a celebration for the senses it was today!! Happy Spring! Tj.

Post 63

Pow Wow!!! Love the sound of the drums floating down from the park!! I am going to go down and take some photos today, will post some later!! Happy Saturday. Tj.

Post 62

Good things are growing in the SouthSide Park community garden!!

Post 61

Spring is really springing! Southside park is one of the only neighborhoods I've lived in that I have noticed these little yellow clover flowers in the spring. I am sure they are probably a weed, but I think they are just lovely and they are really proficient here! Empty lots are covered in them, they pop up brightening tiny corners of yards. They are the sunniest yellow color. Just beautiful, and for me one of the first signs spring is almost here! Until next time… Tj.

Post 60

I have been a really bad blogger lately! I am going to get back out there and see what is going on in the world again I promise! For now here are a couple of more places of worship... until next time, Tj.

Post 103

In the middle of the City of Sacramento, we have so many critters!  The night varmints are not on my good list.  My dogs have been skunked ...