Post 82 an apology

I always try to be a good neighbor. We are always mindful of the noise our dogs make, try to train them not to bark, keep them inside as much as possible. They are good dogs really. They do have issues with some of the kids in the neighborhood running by and poking sticks through the fence at them. Barking at them... the kids barking at the dogs, and of course then the other way around. We really do attempt to stop them.

Well, Saturday night my daughter and I went to a movie and while we were gone we left Bosco out in the yard. Now he is usually pretty good, in fact the note I was left really is hard to believe but none the less I don't know what he does while I'm gone. There could have been raccoons wandering around or something else that set him off. And I apologize if he bothered anyone, but really this note, I feel like it's exaggerated. This is what I came home to at midnight:

Your dog barked non stop ALL NIGHT!
If this happens again we will call animal control with noise complaints.
-The entire neighborhood (underlined twice)

So, my apologies. But also my interpretation, my dog barked non stop all night meaning from about 9:10ish when we left until midnight. I guess if a dog is barking and annoying someone that can seem like all night. Non stop? Really? Bosco never barks on and on... we have had him for 4 years now, since he was a puppy and he's never done that. And really? A threat? That is not neighborly at all. And signed the entire neighborhood. So, while I was at the movie for about 3 hours the entire neighborhood got together and formed a united front against my little dog? I don't know. I'm not buying it.

I really am sorry if he barked and caused any disturbance. But at the same time, annoyed by the approach, really was that necessary? That's all for today, be well. Tj.

Bosco is sorry too... just look at that face!

Post 103

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