Post 84

I have really been neglecting this blog. I really should get back to it! My neighborhood is full of interesting things!

Last night after a seeing a show with my daughter, we arrived home, while I was parking the car I caught a glimse of something crossing the street. It was a raccoon... then there were 2 following, and another 3 and another and another... in total we counted 9!! We watched as they crossed from our side of the street to the other and up a big tree. We went over to take a little closer look, most were already up the tree, one brave one was sniffing around in the dirt. He looked over at us, and then followed the others. I have never seen that many together before. It was something! This is urban living!! Tj.

Post 83 an invitation!

Upcoming park event!
The Tony Award-winning San Francisco Mime Troupe (SFMT) is coming! This Sunday, September 12th @ 5:00pm, music begins at 4:30 at the Southside Park bandshell, 6th and T streets. SFMT presents POSIBILDAD, or Death of the Worker. A small U.S. factory is shutting down. All of the workers are losing their jobs, and to add insult to injury, they have also lost their last two weeks of pay and retirement funds, which were raided over the years to pay stock dividends. On the final day of work, a pregnant employee, suddenly overtaken with labor pains, sits down on the job. Interpreting this as an act of difiance, The Boss calls security. The situation escalates and before anyone has a chance to think, the Workers have accidentally occupied the Factory!

Ticket info: FREE! donations are happily accepted. ASL Interpreter will be on site. Bring a low back chair, blanket, and a picnic and come on out! Political comedy at its finest! SFMT always funny!!! For more info go to the SFMT website. See you there... Tj.

Post 82 an apology

I always try to be a good neighbor. We are always mindful of the noise our dogs make, try to train them not to bark, keep them inside as much as possible. They are good dogs really. They do have issues with some of the kids in the neighborhood running by and poking sticks through the fence at them. Barking at them... the kids barking at the dogs, and of course then the other way around. We really do attempt to stop them.

Well, Saturday night my daughter and I went to a movie and while we were gone we left Bosco out in the yard. Now he is usually pretty good, in fact the note I was left really is hard to believe but none the less I don't know what he does while I'm gone. There could have been raccoons wandering around or something else that set him off. And I apologize if he bothered anyone, but really this note, I feel like it's exaggerated. This is what I came home to at midnight:

Your dog barked non stop ALL NIGHT!
If this happens again we will call animal control with noise complaints.
-The entire neighborhood (underlined twice)

So, my apologies. But also my interpretation, my dog barked non stop all night meaning from about 9:10ish when we left until midnight. I guess if a dog is barking and annoying someone that can seem like all night. Non stop? Really? Bosco never barks on and on... we have had him for 4 years now, since he was a puppy and he's never done that. And really? A threat? That is not neighborly at all. And signed the entire neighborhood. So, while I was at the movie for about 3 hours the entire neighborhood got together and formed a united front against my little dog? I don't know. I'm not buying it.

I really am sorry if he barked and caused any disturbance. But at the same time, annoyed by the approach, really was that necessary? That's all for today, be well. Tj.

Bosco is sorry too... just look at that face!

Post 81

Beautiful July day! How often do you get to say that in July in Sacramento? Not often, well usually anyway. But hasn't it been pleasant here? High's in the 80's or low 90's, I would be just fine with this trend! Looks like there is some activity in the park today, maybe I'll wander down and see what's up! Have an enjoyable day! Tj.

Post 80

It's HOT!!! The pool at the park is open... festivals have begun... summertime! Thank goodness for the big trees, shade absolutely helps cool us all! Even the squirrels are hiding!

Post 79

We have a hawk living in the treetops. I thought it was a red tail hawk, but doing some research and listening to their call I think it is actually a red shouldered hawk. I haven't caught it with my camera yet, hopefully soon.

Red shouldered hawk: A loud, screaming "kee yar" dropping in pitch, typically uttered 2-4 times. Red-shouldered hawks are quite vocal (blue jays frequently mimic their call), especially during spring courtship.

Red tail hawk: Often described as a scream, resembles a long, wheezy "kkeeeeer." Used on television, regularly dubbed over as the sound of an eagle or vulture.

What bird website you can listen to the different voices. Here is a photo of a Red Shouldered Hawk from Wikipedia.

Beautiful bird, I love hearing it call... Kee yar kee yar kee yar kee yar... be well... Tj.

Post 78

Last night I was letting my dog out for his last "outside time" of the night, and I have been looking around before I let him out so there aren't any surprises or animals to chase... and sure enough. My cat had not eaten all of his food from the morning, and there was a baby possum up on the table eating the left overs! He was actually kind of cute... yes I said that, a possum was cute. He was about the size of a rat. It took me a while to chase him off, but he finally left. I dumped the cat food. I am sure that my cat had not eaten because he's eating the food the crazy cat lady leaves out. She is a whole different story. We have a lady that comes around and leaves food out for the feral cats whose population has grown in the last year or so... I'm sure because she is feeding them. More on that later.... until next time. Tj.

Post 77

Last evening I was discussing all the different critters we have in our neighborhood with a friend who lives in Folsom. She was quite surprised the variety since I live down town. You wouldn't think we would have a vast wildlife in the middle of the city. But we do! I told her that I hadn't seen a skunk or raccoon in a while. Well I spoke too soon! I didn't see the skunk last night but the scent waffling in my window was pretty obvious, there was a skunk out there and pretty close too my eyes were burning! Good thing the dogs were in the house. Then when I went to bed I heard rustling around in the back yard. And there out my window was a baby raccoon up in the tree. I went to get my camera but I couldn't see him by the time I got back, I could still hear him in the tree but couldn't see. He looked very much like this photo. Funny enough neither the skunks or raccoons bother me, in fact I think they are kind of cute. Not like the possum…. They just creep me out! Until next time… Tj.

Post 76

Today is the annual Yarmarka Festival! It is a traditional Russian festival celebrating Russian-Ukrainian American culture. This year is the 12th annual and it is expected to attract 10-15 thousand people throughout the day. A very popular event of the year for the Russian speaking community. This is an annual festival for the park, and it's always a big party! Most of the festivals end mid to late afternoon, but this one goes till dark! Party on!! Until next time... Tj.

Post 75

There is a festival at the park today! I can hear music, probably a sound check. Looks like a ticket booth and rides of some kind. I am going to wonder down and see what's up!

Post 74

I am really not keeping up with this blog. For anyone who reads it I so apologize!! There was a Summer Youth Fair in the park last weekend, it looked like it was well attended, it was on Saturday and I was busy with Second Saturday so I didn't get a chance to go down. It is the beginning of festival season in the park and I am looking forward to it!

We have had some visitors the last week, I shot this photo on our back porch. Gives me chills just looking at it... possums! They are really creepy, at least I think they are. Like big giant rats! Anyway, this was the first to visit us. I saw another 2 nights later and then last night there were 2 in our yard. They were hissing and growling at each other. Of all the critters we have in our neighborhood these I could do without. This one is all ratty and torn up too... ick!

Until next time, be well. Tj.

Post 73

Second Saturday is tomorrow... go out and help support local arts! The Sacramento Bee is almost in the SouthSide Park neighborhood and hey are having a great art show this month! Come out and learn how you can help save the honey bees and see some great art! Until next time... Tj.

Post 72

Tomorrow, Thursday April 29th is the 4th annual Pay It Forward Day. The idea is to do one to three good deeds for others without asking for anything in return. What a better place the world would be if we all practiced this daily. They have free downloadable pay it forward cards that explain the pay it forward concept, and to give out when you do pay it forward! So come on... lets change the world one random kind act at a time!!! For more information go to their website

Post 71

Raining today, but in the park on my way to work I saw a big tent going up! I found out that there was going to be a march for CA's future. Marchers gathered for the last leg of this march at Southside park at 2 and marched to the capitol for a rally on the west steps at 4. This march began on March 6th in Bakersfield! Marching to fight for the California Dream! For more info go to

Post 70

The Goldfinches are back! Just love them, and this time of year they are so yellow! On the feeder this morning. :)

Post 69

Friday it was a little breezy but gorgeous out. Yesterday was overcast, looked like rain, and a little cold. Today it's windy and now raining... and there is a festival today in the park. I don't know what festival, but there are tents set up, vendors preparing, I hear music now. There are quite a few people arriving, some just finding shelter under the trees. I'm sure the weather is going to interfere with attendance. I feel bad for the organizers! Weather is so hard to predict this time of year! Until next time.. Tj.

Post 68

Many of our neighbors knew our Chester so I wanted to share. We had to make a really tough decision today. He has been going down hill. The vet told us about a month ago that he had a urinary tract infection, the cause of it could be from many things including liver failure. We put him on antibiotics and he seemed better for a while, but the last few days he had been turning up his nose at food even the good stuff, and he has been losing weight, and his legs and snout were swollen. At times he almost couldn't make it up our steps to come in. Our main living is on the second floor, a lot of steps for an old sick boy. Went back to the vet today and he confirmed Chester has liver failure. What a tough terrible decision it is to make. We don't want him to suffer, and he has been. We will miss you terribly Bubba and love you always. RIP Chester Field Lev 1998-2010, our wonderful dog with a great big loving heart.

Post 67

I didn't make it down to the park for the egg hunt last weekend, but we did very much enjoy the sounds of happy kids walking by, they were so excited! I snapped a couple of photos from my front porch, looked like fun! Good thing the event was on Saturday because Sunday, well late Sunday afternoon it started pouring! What a storm that was! Below is a photo of the rain! Until next time... Tj.

Post 66

Spring Egg Hunt in Southside park, 6th and U streets, Sacramento, Saturday April 3rd, starts around 11am. There is a planned appearance by the Easter Bunny, giveaways for children and adults, arts & crafts and lots of fun for the family. It is a FREE event but bring your own basket to collect those eggs!

Until next time... Tj.

Post 65

It's spring and even the wildlife are pairing up! I took this in my backyard, a morning dove couple. We have many bird species pass through and some that stay around, like the morning doves! It was a beautiful day today. The park was alive with people, passing time and celebrating! I hope you enjoy... be well! Tj.

Post 64

The beauty and diversity of Southside Park! The Aztec Celebration of Tlacaxipehualiztli (The Flaying of Man), a springtime festival in honor of Xipe Totec. Xipe Totec, the god of Spring and new vegetation. Beautiful head dresses, powerful drumming, inspiring dance... Wonderful! And spring is here! At the pond while the drums were pulsing and the conch shell singing a Great Blue heron came in for a landing at the pond! What a celebration for the senses it was today!! Happy Spring! Tj.

Post 63

Pow Wow!!! Love the sound of the drums floating down from the park!! I am going to go down and take some photos today, will post some later!! Happy Saturday. Tj.

Post 62

Good things are growing in the SouthSide Park community garden!!

Post 61

Spring is really springing! Southside park is one of the only neighborhoods I've lived in that I have noticed these little yellow clover flowers in the spring. I am sure they are probably a weed, but I think they are just lovely and they are really proficient here! Empty lots are covered in them, they pop up brightening tiny corners of yards. They are the sunniest yellow color. Just beautiful, and for me one of the first signs spring is almost here! Until next time… Tj.

Post 60

I have been a really bad blogger lately! I am going to get back out there and see what is going on in the world again I promise! For now here are a couple of more places of worship... until next time, Tj.

Post 59

Ok, I've been sick. The flu found me, knocked me down hard! I've not left my house in days so I missed the snow yesterday. I thought I'd have enough energy to get up and at least snap a few photos but I never did. So, if anyone wants to share about the snow day... or anything else please let me know! Be well... I hope to soon! Tj.

Post 57

Snow man in Southside park? Well anything is possible!! This Saturday, February 27th, bring the kids!

Snow day at Southside Park from 11-4 pm featuring: Snow Caves ● Toboggan Rides● Face Painting● Games● Food● Community Resources● Child Safety finger printing. Sponsored by Council Member Lauren Hammond & the 2010 Complete Count Committee, City of Sacramento. For more information, call Helen Hewitt at 916-808-7234.

This was a little photoshop fun! I will try to get some actual photos of the event and post this weekend! Until next time... Tj.

Post 56

Church bells are ringing! Our neighborhood has a variety of places of worship. You can find many different views, traditions and customs. Here are a few photos of just a couple of them. Be well... Tj.

Post 55

Contributed by: Joe Lev

If you go out my back door, you can sit on the second floor deck and look out at our yard. To the left you got a butterfly bush, then creipe myrtle, some roses and a maple tree we planted 10 years ago that is now close to forty feet tall. In front of it on a small lawn are bird feeders, two finch socks and 2 regular seed feeders. Typical morning you get a dozen various finches and sparrows, 6 or so doves, a junco or two, and other visitors.

Hanging from the beam are hummingbird feeders and we watch them feed in front of our faces. They are cranky little things and don't like sharing.

Oh yeah down to the left is a brugmansia with peach to rust colored flowers in profusion. In the middle of the lawn an arbor , covered with Grateful Dead roses (the bush was here when we moved in),leads to the pond with a couple of elusive bullfrogs. Back of the pond we got another white brug, a nectarine tree, crepe myrtle, acacia maidenii and a parking pad made from pavers and another lawn.

To the right we got some kind of pine and another brug covered with yellow flowers under what was our xmas tree 10 years ago and now is a towering redwood with an ever thickening trunk. The trees are home to a bunch of squirrels, jumping from tree to tree to telephone line to roof to the attic of the apartments behind us to the right.

Some nights we get visits from skunks, possums, and racoon families.

There is an alley behind the yard and we can watch the world walk by. First it's an old muslim guy in traditional dress walking his grandkid (or kid?) to the park. A chinese family may be next or hispanics headed to the big church. Loud Mexican oompa music plays from the apartments, church bells ring and from the park a block away someone is doing a soundcheck for a festival on the big bandstand. Our 3 dogs bark at some kids running down the street in front and we yell at them to shut up. Someone fires up a chain saw or jackhammer.
Some kids drive by bumping the rap and rattling windows.

This 'hood was once the redlight district then went downhill from there, when we moved in this place had been abandond for years, the yard a pile of rubble and weeds. It was a squat for junkies, and we found 35 hypos in the yard.

A typical day down here on the ground, I love it here!!!!! It's the opitome of diversity and that kind of selects out people that are uptight about stuff. If you don't like blacks,muslims, asians, hispanics, gays, hippies, pretty much anyone, you wouldn't dream of living here. But all these groups live in harmony under the 100 year old trees.

Post 54

I found another nest in a tree down by the park. This is a much larger nest, maybe a Crow or a Scrub Jay? Or maybe it's a squirrel? I don't think it is high enough to be a Hawks nest, they nest way up in the tallest trees and in buildings. I think I"ll have to walk down and keep an eye on this one too!

Have something to share? Let me know! Read post 53 for more info. Be well... Tj.

Post 53

I am hoping to expand this blog. Southside park is such a great neighborhood. Lots of interesting people from many different cultures and points of view. I would love to get slice of life type stories to post from other Southside neighbors. If you have an interesting experience and you would like to share, please email to me at and please put blog submission in the subject line so I can identify those quickly. If you give me your name and I post your experience, I'll include your name. Or, it's ok if you don't want your name here too! So, bring it on! What great things have you seen, heard, smelled, experienced here? Let me know and I'll get it posted! (disclaimer: I reserve the right to not post, this is my blog after all. Keep it positive and it's all good!) Until then... Tj.

Post 52

Spring is in the air... seems a little early but, maybe not. There is a nest in the tree in front of our house, have not seen anyone move in yet but it is there waiting! Maybe I'll be able to catch them soon, I hope! Until next time... Tj

Post 51

Out for a walk I found this statue in one of my neighbors front yards. I just thought her face has such a kind expression on it. Beautiful sunny day in the neighborhood!

Post 50

My hubby and I arrived home last night around 8:30, after the YMCA, and as we pulled up to our house, out the corner of my eye I saw something moving looked like a cat at first but then I saw no…. not a cat. It was a possum! Just walking down the sidewalk in front of our house. It ran and hid under my daughters car where it proceeded to play possum! Until next time...

Post 49

Took my new camera out for a spin last week. It was a beautiful day! Ducks and seagulls and volleyball, ... oh my! All part of the action in Southside Park! Tj.

Post 103

In the middle of the City of Sacramento, we have so many critters!  The night varmints are not on my good list.  My dogs have been skunked ...